Best Places to Visit in the UK

The UK has a certain reputation when it comes to visiting it on holiday. This reputation includes rain, rain and more rain and while this is not entirely inaccurate to say, the reality is that it can also get incredibly hot in the summer months. This will appeal to those who visit the nation from somewhere that is predominantly hot, but it is also equally refreshing to experience some of the torrential downpours that can plague the UK. Those who live there though will just say that this is all part of the British experience and in a way, they are right.

Those who can look past the temperamental weather will be rewarded with islands that have a lot to offer visitors in terms of beauty, activities, and history. The UK is not seen as a traditional tourist hotspot with the exception of the capital of London. While London is still great though and should be visited by everyone at least once, there are so many more places in Britain that warrant discovering. Even those who live in the UK will know that there is loads of fun to be had on domestic holidays as there are many resorts across the countries that will cater to tourists eager to unwind and have fun.

When thinking of some of the best places to travel in the UK, it is hard to not mention London straight away. Although it is the most obvious place to visit, it is truly the best in that it is one of the world’s biggest and richest cities, and this can be seen when wandering the streets of Central. Those who are not too in touch with their geography might even mistake it for cities like New York if it wasn’t for the sarcastic quips and abundance of apologies from passers-by. The city has a great transport system so tourists can get to wherever they need quickly and efficiently.

Those who don’t want that city experience still have many options to choose from in the UK that might steal the breath away from their lungs. One must only look to the Lake District, a national park that is situated in Cumbria in the northwest of England. This is a popular domestic spot and tourist spot alike given how the park hosts some of the most visually impressive sceneries within the UK. Those who like the sound of the Lake District are advised to book a little cottage around the area to stay in, so they can explore the region as they desire.

Many individual places are worth stopping by, which is useful for those doing a tour of the Isles. This is a lifestyle that is suited to digital nomads who enjoy travelling and doing remote work at the same time. More information can be found here at, but those who are travelling the UK might want to stop at places like the Angel of the North, Stonehenge, the Giant’s Causeway and so many more.

While seemingly unassuming, the reality is that the UK has much to offer both to its residents and those flying in from other countries.

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