More than a million people in the Australia surf at least eight times a year. What’s keeping you from joining them? Is it a mental impediment, a fear of the water, or a lack of experience? Your anxieties are totally natural, regardless of the cause. After all, while you’re riding the waves, anything may happen. The trick is to accept your apprehension and use it to your advantage. Every surfer’s ambition is to ride a monster wave at Oahu, Jeffrey’s Bay, Fuerteventura, or another prominent surfing destination. Only a handful, though, make their goals a reality. Sharks, currents, storms, and other dangers can put even the most eager people off.


It’s difficult to stay focused and perform at your best when you’re continuously concerned about drowning or passing out. Clear your mind by taking a big breath. Continue to take slow, deep breaths in and out. Fear is an inherent aspect of this sport. At this point, the greatest thing you can do is to actually catch a wave. You’ll feel liberated and accomplished, and your greatest anxieties will vanish. Concentrate on what you can accomplish rather than what you can’t. Your body is capable of incredible feats. Consider how much time you’ve spent honing your talents and how far you’ve progressed. Maybe even take the family to seal swimming in Narooma to help calm your nerves?


Surfing lessons may increase your self-esteem right away. Knowing that you’ll be accompanied by a qualified teacher will reduce your worry and allow you to completely enjoy the event. If you’re a beginner, consider taking private surf instruction. You will be able to learn at your own speed and make faster progress as a result of this. Signing up for a surf camp is another possibility. You’ll not only pick up new talents and improve your technique, but you’ll also meet other surfers with similar objectives. They will motivate and inspire you to conquer your worries and gain confidence in the water.


Fear isn’t always a negative emotion. It truly keeps you awake and increases your desire to achieve. Controlling it and utilizing it to your advantage is the key. Don’t allow your fear of the water keep you from participating in this thrilling activity. Expect to fail several times, but be willing to start over. You’ll recall how afraid you were a few months from now and be proud of how far you’ve gone.