Planning A Fantastic Holiday In Thailand For Songkran

If you like the weather hot, then a visit to Thailand for Songkran may be the perfect time for you to visit Thailand, and Songkran is an excellent way to cool down from the oppressive heat. The city streets turn into a massive water fight where locals and tourists alike splash each other and wish a happy new year as they wash away the sins of the previous year. If this sounds like something you and your family would enjoy, below are some tips for booking the perfect trip to Bangkok for Songkran.

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

Many Bangkok residents will go back to their homes in the provinces for Songkran, which means there are not as many people in the city as usual. However, Bangkok is so big that it will still be busy, and some areas of the town are more active for Songkran than others. If you decide to stay in a hotel in Sathorn, Bangkok, it may be best to select one away from the main street so you can get some respite from the water fight going on in the streets.

Some of the busiest areas for Songkran that you can stay in are:

  • Silom
  • Siam
  • Sukhumvit
  • Khao Sarn Road

Look For Hotel Deals

Songkran is in April, which is the middle of the Thai summer, and because it is so hot, it is not as busy with tourists. There are plenty of hotel rooms available, but you will want to shop around and get the best possible deal. You can often get a 5-star hotel for a lot less than in your home country, so you may wish to consider staying somewhere luxurious for the duration of your stay. There are plenty of websites that you can use to source the best deals, such as Trivago, Trip Advisor, and, and shopping around can get you some excellent bargains.

Remember To Explore The City

There may be a temptation to stay close to your hotel for the three days of Songkran, but it is the perfect time to get out and explore the city. You can travel to other parts of Bangkok easily to see what the celebrations are like there and if you get bored or need a break, head into one of the many shopping malls in the city. You may wish to take a change of clothes in a waterproof bag when you go out, as walking into an air-conditioned shopping mall can be cold after you have been out in the hot sun. Ensure that you take advantage of the lack of traffic in Bangkok during Songkran, and get out and explore the city while you are there, which will make for many fantastic memories and an excellent trip to the Land of Smiles for Songkran.

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