Top 5 Things To See & Do Near Seattle

Washington is every adventure enthusiast’s ultimate delight. With numerous national parks, stretches of wilderness and growing cities, there is something for all travelers to discover here. If you plan to come to Seattle for work or please, you need to make time for some of the adjoining areas, including places like Everett and Snohomish County, which are just an hour away. In fact, day-tripping from Seattle is a popular activity for locals and visitors alike. In this post, we are sharing top 5 things to see & do near Seattle.

  • Everett and Snohomish County. As we mentioned, it just takes an hour to reach here, and there are many activities to consider, including gambling, hot air balloon rides, and hiking. If you want to find the best casino table games near Seattle, this is where you need to come. Many casino resorts have packages, so you can stay back, enjoy the services, and explore the region, including Snohomish County. Include Hibulb Cultural Center, Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, and Everett Performing Arts Center on your list.
  • Mount Rainier National Park. If adventure is on your mind, don’t miss Mount Rainier National Park, which spans over 236,381 acres. To be fair, you cannot cover it all in a day, so a stay is usually recommended. The drive from Seattle is about 90 minutes, which is worth an experience in itself.
  • Mount St Helens. A little away (3 hours) from Seattle is the famed Mount St Helens. For the uninitiated, Mount St Helens is home is an active volcano, which erupted in 1980 to cause massive destruction. To enjoy the crater views, don’t miss Johnston Ridge Observatory. There is a trail that allows you to explore how that incident changed the beauty and life in that region.

  • Many people also like to include on their list, which is again less than three hours from Seattle. For the love of coffee, you should plan a day trip, and don’t forget to check highlights like Portland International Rose Garden. There are detailed guides on how to explore Portland.
  • Wenatchee National Forest. Less than an hour away from the city is Wenatchee National Forest, which is known for its natural landscape and hiking activities. Take the trail all the way to Fern Lake, and you could be lucky to spot the beautiful Red-Tailed Hawk.

Plan your trip to Seattle now, and choose to stay in Everett!

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