8 great reasons to get a camper van conversion

You and your wife are generally seen as adventurous types by your friends and relatives. You are the life and soul of the party which sees you invited to lots of social events. It’s the same with holidays when you often go off the beaten track away from the normal tourist destinations with some of your adventures inspiring others.

You are getting close to retirement, winding down your own self-employed little business and are ready to find the next set of fun when you are inspired by the idea put to you by a mate at the social club who suggest you go for Camper van conversion to tour Australia. 

Having discussed it with your excited other half you find 8 great reasons to go for it.

  1. You have a van in good condition so why not convert it as you won’t be using it for work if you retire. An expert company will soon have you ready and raring to go.
  1. You will be able to see lots of your own country that you have missed out on so far, as well as visiting your favourite unconventional destinations that you so enjoyed the first time around.
  1. Being free thinkers, you will love the freedom and spontaneity that a camper van will bring. You can head off wherever you like stopping off if you like the look of somewhere or continue driving if you don’t fancy or the weather closes in. You never know quite what you will find, which perfectly suits your joint spirit of adventure.
  1. You will be able to catch up with the friends you have made in the past on holidays overseas, visiting them in their home city and learning all about it. Hey, you can even host them at your own barbie in your own chosen location.
  1. You will meet other campervan owners on your travels, in a community willing to pass on advice while sharing a common love and interest.
  1. Despite the conversion, there is nothing to stop you using your converted vehicle for everyday use. And even if you do continue to do the odd job to come to the aid of old customers, there will be no nicer place to spend your breaks in your luxurious little mobile home.
  1. There is no more of the commute to the railway station or airport and all the hanging around and suffering from dreaded delays. You are your own bosses with a campervan, and you set your own timetable after a commute of yards.
  1. There is no need to go looking for restaurants if you fancy a lazy evening and no worries of turning up anywhere to find it closed or full. Simply prepare and enjoy your own meal knowing you will be ready for bed in minutes. How romantic is that!

Going for a camper van conversion is the perfect way to have fun, adventure and have total control and freedom. What are you waiting for?

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