Autumn In Bromont: Here’s What To Expect!

If you are planning a vacation somewhere in southwestern Quebec, Canada, you should definitely consider Bromontas an option. Located right at the base of much-famed Mt. Brome. To many, Bromont is often known for its magnificent resort called “Ski Bromont”. Even if you don’t want to stay at the resort, you will find many great hotels in the city for an escapade en famille. There is also the famous Lac Bromont, which is within the city, and there is also BALNEA Spa close by, which is among the best-known in Quebec. If you are a fan of skiing and other activities, you will find no dearth of choices. In this post, we are sharing more on what to expect during the autumn season in Bromont.

The experience

Autumn is a great time to explore the fall colors. If you are a fan of hiking and cycling, this is the season to go around with your family. With over 100 kilometers of trails, there is so much to explore. Most of the hiking spots are easy to access, and we recommend that you check the ones close to Parc des Sommets. If you are still confused, go ahead and download the Ondago app¸ and you will have a much easy time moving around. Walkers and hikers love the destination for its stunning colors, and after a long and tiring day, head to Balnea Spa for an amazing hot tub session.

Other things to know

You can also consider exploring the Fall Happening event, which is among the highlights of the season, and happens on October 14th. You can just choose to stay for a weekend and explore Parc des Sommets with your kids, and you can even take your furry friend along. Dogs are allowed on most trails and walks, but note that you cannot have your dog with you around the Gale Lake area.

Where to stay?

There are some really nice places close to Mount Brome that are worth your time. Most of them will help you plan your itinerary; in case you are not sure of what to explore. Make sure that you book your rooms in advance, because even on weekdays, Bromont can be really busy. While autumn is not the peak season here, but many locals come here just to enjoy the changing colors of nature.

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