Exploring Ouray Like A True Traveler: Top Tips!

Ouray, surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, is the ultimate escapade for those traveling to Colorado. If you are looking to explore Ouray, you need to plan things in advance, considering this is a small mountain town that sees a considerable rush of tourists in almost every season. Many people even call Ouray as the ‘Switzerland of America’. During the winters, you can have fun at the Ouray Ice Festivals, while in spring and summers, many music shows, concerns, and events are scheduled. Here are some quick things to know before you plan your journey.

Know your options

Frequent travelers will tell you that a weekend in Ouray is incomplete without the hot springs, which remain the star attraction for most people. The most-famed of all is Ouray Hot Springs, which is located on the main street. Many hotels also have their own spa segments, where you can have a similar experience in your private area. Ouray Hot Springs is open all through the year, and the temperatures are just warm enough in summers to keep you comfortable. The historic Main Street of Ouray is also known for its restaurants and cafés, and you will also find some great breweries and museums here.

Ouray was once a mining town, so you need to explore that part of the town. Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour is a good way to know about one of the richest gold mines known. There are also a few small museums, and of all, Ouray Alchemist Museum does deserve a mention.

Booking your stay

If you are looking for Ouray CO hotel, you will find plenty of choices, although we highly recommend that you book your stay in advance. Many hotels here offer their own private segment for spa and hot springs, and you can have a glass of wine, without worrying about being disturbed. Most hotel staff will be more than happy to guide you about getting around. Thanks to the mountainous regions, you can enjoy activities like hiking, and with a jeep with you, you can explore hundreds of miles of wilderness. Fishing and snowboarding are other activities to consider.

Final word

Ouray is incredibly fun and worth your time. We strongly recommend that you consider all the options when you come here, and try and spend at least four days exploring this beautiful town. With amazing hotels, your stay would be pleasurable and stunning at the same time. Check online now to find more on hotels in Ouray.

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