Seeing A Different Side Of Bangkok When You Visit

Bangkok is a popular destination for millions of tourists from around the world, and it can be hard to cut through all the tourism to see the real side of Thailand. However, you can ensure that you sample genuine Thai culture when you visit if you do some research and stay away from some of the tourist hot spots. If you are planning a trip to Thailand and want to immerse yourself in the culture to experience everything that Thailand has to offer, here are some tips to help you start planning your dream holiday.

The Best Time Of Year To Go

Choosing the best time of the year to travel to Bangkok is vital to making sure that you experience the genuine Thai culture, and the most popular times to visit is between November and February which is the cold season. There are more tourists at this time of year, so it is easier to blend in with the crowd and visiting during the quieter months of the year can make you stand out a little.

Staying Off The Beaten Path

You can also help to keep away from touristy areas by choosing the right accommodation. If you want to stay in a small boutique hotel, Bangkok has many options available to you and staying in places that are outside of the main tourist areas can help you to immerse yourself in the culture while you are there.

Make Friends With The Locals

One of the best ways to see what a country has to offer is getting to know the locals and seeing where they like to go when they want to relax and have a good time. If you can manage to befriend some of the locals, they will be able to show you places that the average tourist would never find, and experience the Thai way of life that you may struggle to see for yourself. You will find that the locals are warm and friendly people, who love nothing better than partying and having a celebration, so what better way to explore Bangkok than with a local guide?

Try To Learn The Language

The Thai language is one that is not easy to learn, as it comprises of many different tones and sounds which are not familiar to western speakers. However, trying to learn the language and using this when you visit can open many avenues for you to explore and introduce you to Thai culture that many tourists never get to experience. There is much more to a holiday in Thailand than the hotel you stay in or the beach that you lay on, and learning the language is an excellent way to maximise your experience when you holiday in beautiful Thailand.

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