The Gateway To Canada A Place That Has A Lot To Share

The Halifax harbor front is a historic site that is very important to people living over there. During the Second World War, the immigration that took place gave the place a new name, and it was called the gateway to Canada. The place is now a national museum and a historical site. The place is restored to its former glory, and several commercial spaces are being given out for leash.

Shaping the future of Canada

Canada has always been a place of immigration, and the gateway to Canada was one of the historical events that shaped Canada’s history. The events’ public memory is still fresh in the minds of the immigrants, and they take pride in sharing it with people. The national historic site was once a gateway for nearly one million immigrants between 1928 and 1971.

It was also a departure point for the Canadian military during the Second World War. Pier 21 has the only national museum in Atlantic Canada and proudly hosts the Canadian museum of immigration. The public is very proud of their historic heritage and is always ready to share the details they have gone through to the tourists visiting here.

Hear it from the immigrants

There are lots to see in the historic museum, and when you hear it first hand from the immigrants themselves, the whole of the events begin to unfold in front of you. Leaving all their belongings and coming to another country searching for shelter and a good life is not an easy thing to do. But Canada has always welcomed and made them feel at home. Now they proudly narrate their stories to tourists.

Pier 21 is now restored and is the national heritage of the country. Several restaurants have come up, and spaces have been put to leash in this historic harbor. There are lots of interesting things that you can do here, like:

  • The old ocean liners are still a sight to behold that is neatly anchored in the harbor
  • Sunset is one of the beautiful sights you should never miss
  • The next big surprise is dolphins. You can watch them play and amuse us in their natural habitat.
  • Lots of shopping to do here as the place is full of artifacts from world wartime.
  • The best part is the National Museum of immigration that has lots of stories to share

Once you visit Halifax, you will be amazed at how the immigrants are now the country’s backbone. Visit the place once and see history unfold in front of your eyes.

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